Building upon my background, I began this venture in 2001, with a fondness and true appreciation of the Kalashnikov, especially the newer generation variants. With a B.A. in Finance, years of technical training on/off the job, several years in the firearm retail business and most importantly, about seven years in manufacturing. I have been asked countless times “what drew you to the AK platform?” The answer is always the same. My experience, background, and studies directly relate to how the AK is made, its ways and means of construction. Both personally and professionally, what drives me is quality, precision, and value. Quality pays, it does not cost. As it relates to the brilliant design of the AK, I adhere strictly to the original design principles as much as possible. This encompasses materials, heat treat, hard chrome, finishes, fits, and tolerances. I have been truly blessed to serve a diverse range of great clients and incredible people. Now with 25 plus years in design, manufacturing, and custom builds, the business is moving forward. The re-design and re-launch of my website will still allow me the opportunity to provide custom parts , ammunition, accessories and services in my store while also adding a valued online retail presence that too will match these standards. My online gun shop also aims to be one of the few gun stores in Fort Myers that provide custom, handcrafted weaponry to make your dream firearm become a reality.

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3112-1 Palm Ave
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

Corner of Palm Ave and Meadow Lane.

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Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday: Closed

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