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4 Creeks Ranch (4CR) is where our family's passion for all things outdoors began; it's a special place in the Post Oak Savannah of East Texas, where our three boys and their friends have grown up hunting and fishing, and enjoying all kinds of shooting sports. Over the years, we have talked about ways to share our enthusiasm for shooting more widely - out of which came the idea for 4CR Firearms. Though we may not be able to sit with you in a blind, or stand with you in a field or at the range, it is our hope that by supplying our favorite firearms and accessories, we can pass on a little bit of 4CR to you. So send us an email or give us a call: we're happy to share some stories, and help you to select just the right firearm, whether it be for hunting, targets, or personal defense.

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3748 Stanford Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75225

In the heart of University Park.

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